An Agile Journey

So an amazing day comes to an end …

I am now sitting on my own, at my desk in the office.

The floor is empty, everybody has gone home, enjoying the sunshine and probably watching the Worldcup match that is on now (Colombia x England). And here on my own, I Iook at my day in Retrospectives.

Today I delivered my first Kanban Full Day Workshop … an amazing day of interactions, collaboration, exchange and laughs! What a unique opportunity life has given me to be so close to so many talented, brilliant people!

Together we developed and delivered a fictitious ‘working software’, from Vision to MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We wrote stories, we discussed, we faced challenges, embraced change. We struggled, we measured, we learned, we succeeded. We went from Kanban Maturity 0 to 3, within 2 hours!

It felt draining and so fulfilling!

All the clicks, insights and a-ha moments!

My journey here at Paddy Power Betfair is coming to an end and my heart feels very small now. With my eyes filling with tears, I remember with laughter all I went through during the past 15 months… from pains to gains….

I am definitely going to miss my day to day routine…

Walking the ‘gemba’*, observing people’s body language, faces and smiles. Listening from a distance their tones of voice in their stand ups, and how they were collaborating or syncing progress. Feeling proud during their Retrospectives, every time someone bravely voiced something they thought should change, and all their healthy or heated conversations towards resolving the issues and being better.

From Portfolio to Delivery. From Ideas to OKRs (Objective Key Results). From Developers to Customers.

I am definitely going to miss the challenges, the resistance, the lack of traction on change so many times.

I am going to miss the smiles, the shiny eyes every time those brilliant minds clicked right in front of my eyes. I am going to miss the curiosity, the braveness to question the status quo.

It hasn’t always been like this! When I first joined, I felt it was really hard to get through. I needed to earn their trust. And for those who understand a bit about human behaviour, trust is earned at an individual level.

They had to know who I was, why I came 9,200 kilometres of distance…. Yes… I made this shift in my life from sunny Rio de Janeiro into rainy Dublin, to make a difference with these teams. They didn’t know me and how much and how well we could work together.

I just want to register how proud I am of ALL of you here.

Operation Teams adopting Scrum and advocating for it.

Technology Teams adopting Kanban and feeling so proud of their system flows and their #noestimates. 🙂

Open Source, Inner Source.

Agile Architects, Human Resource; Traditional mindsets turning Agile.

Hackathons full of innovation and all the amazing vibe!

Diversity and Inclusion, Gender Equality. Prizes. Pioneering.


Ahhh! How much I learned, shared, grew, flourished.

Every single individual I met here. All they have shared with me… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Keep shining… Keep making a difference… never let that voice inside you, that flame in your hearts, that drives your pursuit of ‘how to get better’, grow silent or cold…

And the walls of the building shouldn’t be what keeps us connected. If you need me, you know where to find me. And I will definitely keep reaching out to you….

Be Agile. Be Brave. ❤

With lots of love and tight hugs,


Your forever Agile Coach

*Gemba is a Japanese word and  refers to the location where value is created. Here at PPB, it would be where the teams sit and work.


An Agile Journey

3 thoughts on “An Agile Journey

  1. Joe says:

    This make me understand the real reason of loving what you do. Thank you with all my heart for sharing this words with us. You deserve to reach the sky, so embrace this new destination with your heart and keep rocking, Coca! You are more than awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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